Circuit-system, machine clothing and foaming cleaners

The problem:
Deposits on the paper machine, when detached, lead to breaks, holes and spots in the paper.

Our results:

  • Higher machine availability due to fewer breaks.
  • Increased paper quality due to less spots and holes.
  • Best compatibility with your waste water treatment plant.
  • Customized applications tailored to your needs.
  • Maximum safety thanks to state-of-the-art application engineering and application advice.
  • Excellent price-performance.
  • Compliance with the relevant standards (BfR, FDA, BPR, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, etc.).


  • APICLEAN product series.
  • Acid, alkaline and neutral special cleaners for wet and dry fabrics (high-viscosity cleaners).
  • Acid, alkaline and neutral special cleaners for press felts.
  • Acid, alkaline and neutral special cleaners for circuit boil-outs.
  • Acid and alkaline foam cleaners for plant cleaning by means of a foam device.

Our application experts will be glad to advise you in the selection of suitable technologies.


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